Skalin's Rib businesses


The Claw and Scale is the best inn in town and attracts the wealthiest clientele, who are drawn to its excellent food and service, the high-stakes gambling in an exclusive back room. Its owner, Stavros, keeps a close eye on his business.

The less-wealthy stay at one of the cheaper establishments: The Fat Lady, or the Dragon Inn.


Pietra’s is essentially the general store of Skalin’s Rib. All manner of goods come through the Fools Bazaar, but nothing can be relied on to be available at a particular time. Pietra stocks the staples and provides a reliable supply for the town residents. She has been known to stock a few magic-infused fruit as well.

Skoban’s Arms and Armor is where locals buy their weapons. Skoban mainly repairs weapons – he acquires new weapons and armor by carefully picking through the selection offered by the traveling merchants that pass through town.


Arat’s Landing is a small collection of empty market stalls, docks and utility buildings on the shore of the Sea of Silt, where the fingertip of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue reaches closest to Skalin’s Rib, about 15 miles out of town. Merchants bringing goods across the Sea of Silt offload there.

Skalin's Rib businesses

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