Skalin's Rib

Skalin’s Rib is a prosperous trading town of about 2,000, located at the crossroads of the Trade Road, the Great Road and the People’s Road. Each member of the party calls Skalin’s Rib home.

To the west about 200 miles is Tyr. To the east are Gulg and Nibenay. Almost directly north is Urik, while Raam and Draj are far to the northeast. Balic, the city that most closely resembles Skalin’s Rib (on a far larger scale) is southeast.

Skalin’s Rib is a tempting target for bandits, raiders and competing villages, and so is well-defended. Twenty-foot stone walls, built largely with slave labor, surround the residential area. The town guard (captain: Osa) of about 200 homegrown or mercenary warriors, scouts and psions, is well-trained and well-disciplined.

The town lies in the shadow of, and is named for, a 1,000-foot, curved stone monolith also called Skalin’s Rib. It clearly is the base of what used to be a stone arch, extending across to a sheer cliff face Mount Goh, but was shattered in some devastating event that has been lost to history.

Outside the walls of Skalin’s Rib is the Fools Bazaar, a large market full of traveling merchants and buyers from across the Tyr Region. Stavros the Innkeeper is responsible for keeping order, levying taxes and fees, assigning space and dealing out sanctions for minor infractions in the bazaar. He also owns the Claw and Scale, the best inn in town.

Beside the market are stables for smaller animals, run by Chikk-Tlik and his crew of mostly fellow thri-kreen. The larger animals, such as the volatile, huge mekillot, are kept in a shallow box cavern outside of town.

Vicros Stonecutter is mayor of Skalin’s Rib. He is assisted by a council of seven village elders and his deputy mayor, Elemita Chorster.

Skoban Ironarms, a dwarf, is the town’s weaponsmith and armorer.

Pietra the Blue owns and operates Pietra’s, what amounts to a general store.

Skalin's Rib

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