Merchant Houses

House Vordon

Headquartered in Tyr, House Vordon is the region’’s primary iron trader. Trade Goods: iron, weapons, artwork, textiles, and slaves (outside Tyr). Emblem: a black diamond. Led by Davith Vordon.

House Wavir

House Wavir dominates trade in Skalin’s Rib and much of the Tablelands. Based in Balic, this house has good relations with the reigning government of Tyr. Trade Goods: grain, ceramics, precious metals, hardwood, gems, and exotic animals. Emblem: a silver crodlu. Led by Belana Wavir

Halman Wavir, son of Belana, may owe a debt to our intrepid adventurers. They helped him unload a massive shipment of valuable spices carried by giants into Arat’s Landing.

House Shorn

Based in Nibenay, Shorn suffers from decadence and corruption. Trade Goods: obsidian, water, wood, art, and weapons. Emblem: three white dragonflies.

House Tsalaxa

Based in Draj, House Tsalaxa is known for blackmail, espionage, and assassination. Trade Goods: rope, grain, and “recovered” stolen cargo. Emblem: two glaring, bestial eyes.

House Stel

Based in Urik, Stel is openly militaristic and hostile to lesser houses that it targets for acquisition. Trade Goods: slaves (outside Tyr), weapons, hardwood, feathers, and hostages for ransom. Emblem: crossed black scimitars.

House M’ke

Based in Raam, House M’ke fights to protect its trade routes and outposts from attacks and runs of “bad luck” orchestrated by Tsalaxa or Stel. Trade Goods: nuts, spices, and glassware. Emblem: a silver quill pen.

House Tomblador

The sworn enemy of House Wavir, Tomblador gladly deals in the slave trade that Wavir forsakes. Tomblador was the preeminent merchant house of Balic until Wavir arose and displaced it a century ago. Today, Tomblador controls most of Balic’’s silt skimmers and the Estuary trade. Trade Goods: slaves and weapons. Emblem: A red sun.

Merchant Houses

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