Crodlu The crodlu is a featherless bird with powerful legs and clawed forelimbs instead of wings. Although many wanderers of the waste have found these creatures wild, prepared to tear the flesh from their bones, the crodlu has become a domesticated creature in some parts of the Tyr Region, serving as mounts. Often, warriors will ride tamed Crodlu into battle, using their size and ferocity to intimidate their opponents.

Crodlu, as a species, tend to be remarkably curious. Occasionally, crodlu have been spotted picking up objects in their forelimbs, from sticks and rocks to actual tools. In general, they utilize these devices to help drive small prey out of hiding.

Crodlu Ecology

Crodlu mate and produce eggs annually. The crodlu gestation period is relatively short and their young can run and hunt within minutes of hatching. However, this does not prevent countless Crodlu hatchlings from falling prey to the various predators of the wastes.

With the frequent domestication of crodlu combined with their own natural curiosity, crodlu have become quite common across the entire Tyr Region. Many of the wandering trade caravans have a number of crodlu amongst their numbers. Wild crodlu can be found across the desert, making nests in rock outcroppings and caves.

Domesticated Crodlu

Although domesticated crodlu can be used in a number of ways, they often become beasts of war, used as mounts for battle. Many wasteland marauders ride crodlu into battle, targeting unprotected trade caravans and dune traders. Occasionally, smaller settlements find themselves assaulted by crodlu-mounted raiders, using the size and power of the beast to their advantage.


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