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  • Thri-Kreen

    Thri-kreen are race of insect-like humanoids that inhabit [[Athas]].

  • Mul

    The Mul are a hardy [[Athas | Athasian]] race of mixed human and [[Dwarf | dwarf]] parentage. Muls gain the stubborn toughness of their dwarven heritage, with bodies the size of humans.

  • Dwarf

    [[Athas | Athasian]] dwarves share many characteristics of their counterpart in other worlds, except that they are almost uniformly bald.

  • Human

    Humans make up the majority of the [[Athas | Athasian]] population. They tend to have different dialects and physical characteristics depending on which city-state they live in, or near.

  • Half-Giant

    Half-giants (goliaths) are a race created by sorcerers years ago, mixing giant and human stock, to fight wars and serve in armies. Many of them still follow this path, although some have wandered into the wilderness, where they tend to form fractious …