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  • Veiled Alliance

    A secret society, spread across [[Athas]] and made up of magic users dedicated to [[Preservation Magic | preservation magic]], and determined to stop the practice of arcane [[Defilement Magic | defiling]]. It has agents and cells in nearly every town, and …

  • Thieves Guild

    h4. [[Skalin's Rib]] Not much info yet. [[:mord | Mord Droverson]] used to work for them, but not as a member. h4. [[Tyr]] Nothing is known about the Thieves Guild in Tyr. Although there probably is one.

  • Merchant Houses

    h4. House Vordon Headquartered in Tyr, House Vordon is the region'¬ís primary iron trader. *Trade Goods:* iron, weapons, artwork, textiles, and slaves (outside Tyr). *Emblem:* a black diamond. Led by [[Davith Vordon]]. h4. House Wavir House Wavir …

  • Sorcerer-Kings

    h4. [[:kalak | Kalak]] Sorcerer-king of [[Tyr]]. Or is he? Unthinkable, but widespread, tales of Kalak's death have begun to appear. h4. [[:andropinis | Andropinis]] Sorcerer-king of [[Balic]], the most democratic of the Seven Cities. Balic is …

  • Black Raiders

    A vicious band of 100 reavers led by [[:zeburon | Zeburon]], the Black Raiders sweep in on fast kanks, bringing death and destruction, then sweep out almost as quickly. They're based somewhere in the Black Sands area.