FelAmros Tarmikos

Two-handed-axe-wielding goliath fighter


Fel is viewable here.


Fel spent his youth in various mobs as a vagrant. Being quite a bit larger than most men from an early age, he was a prime recruit for various gangs. Never one to shy from a fight, he was happy enough to go from gang to gang so long as he got a good meal and more importantly, a fine ale as a reward.

5 years ago his band of marauders was apprehended by a city patrol. Although many of the members tried to fight, Fel saw his gang was outnumbered so he cooperated and was taken into the town. It was there that the head of the city guard, Osa, decided to employ his rather large services on behalf of the city of Skalin’s Rib.

A good and loyal member of the guard, Fel spends his free time in the pubs and has been known to throw back a few too many. He has often gotten himself into brawls to keep his strength and agility while cleaning out some of the seedier elements of Skalin’s Rib.

FelAmros Tarmikos

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