Half-elf bard


Half-elf cunning bard on the Athasian minstrel theme.

Character sheet can be found here


Father was a human healer…born & raised in Skalin’s Rib. He’s comfortable there and reasonably successful.

Mother was a ranger who was brought into town by a hunting party severely wounded. After tending to her wounds she and his father fell in love and she chose to stay in Skalin’s Rib at least for a short time.

His mother’s stay was extended when they found themselves with child. Despite how out of place she felt staying in the Rib she loved her son, and that was enough to keep her there for a time.

Darbeht grew up feeling the tension caused by her staying. His father raised him to continue in the family tradition as a healer while his mother whispered tales of her earlier adventures to him when his father wasn’t within earshot.

At around age 10 his mother disappeared. His father refused to speak of it other than a terse “She left us” speech. Without his mother there his life became considerably more gray…so he retreated into his mind, telling and re-telling her tales while also embellishing them and creating ones of his own.

Given his family life and rather slim stature he quickly became subject to bullying during his teenage years. Eventually he realized that by using a combination of stories and charm he could talk his way out of rough situations and become and befriend those bullies by entertaining them with his tales.

When he came of age he entered the Guard as required. He quickly found that the same skills he’d used to avoid or misdirect the bullies could serve him well in the Guard as well. In the past year he has taken to frequently slipping out of the barracks or even skipping out on duties so that he can frequent the pubs of the Rib. There he continues to hone his stories…having learned the art of when to listen (and gather material) and when to weave tales of his own.

He’s even taken to costuming himself as an adventurer as of late, using the disguise and and his tongue to convince others of his authenticity. Not for any nefarious reasons, but simply for the fun of it…and perhaps the attention of the odd barmaid.

The tales his mother told have always driven him quietly on…and his feet are growing restless. It’s time for him to venture outside of Skalin’s Rib and live the tales he’s been telling.


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