The Heart of a Defiled Land

Night 2

HejkinUnhappy with the rogue, the party locks Arulo into one of the cages that had formerly been used to hold slaves. Then, with slaves and mekillots in tow, they begin the trip back to Skalin’s Rib. Shortly before they cross the pass though, they are set upon by a group of hejkins and kruthiks – no doubt drawn by the irresistible scent of so much soft flesh.

Arulo manages to free himself during the fight and help beat back the onslaught, earning a bit of grudging respect from the guardsmen and his own temporary freedom.

The six continue on to Skalin’s Rib. They are greeted with handshakes and smiles at the garrison atop Skalin’s Pass by soldiers excited to see their comrades strike back at the Black Raiders. They continue on, making it to the Rib by dawn.


MrZwij MrZwij

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